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  1. Hi Eric,

    Good work. I can’t wait to buy the pro version. Keep going.
    More and more fun to work with.


  2. Hi Eric,

    I wanna take some news from you.. How are you? A lot of work? Your health?


    • Hi Pierre,

      It’s always nice to hear from you. Thanks for asking, my health is good, and I wish you the same too.

      Some people asked to customize applications using bau db and I have spent some time on it. I am happy to see them delightedly accepted and using the applications, as it automated and saved a lot of their works in a simple way, and I can deliver the applications promptly. I have also improved some features along side the user feedback from the projects. Some users expressed that the user interface is convoluted because the record list view and input form are put on the same screen. Well, I can understand that simple design is always the best design, and this will be the feature to be updated in the coming release.

      The current planning is that after the coming update release (will be in this month), the bau db pro version will be launched in the next release. I will continue the effort and make bau db to help people, because you and the other users let me know it’s a useful tool.


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