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Define Validation and Processing Properties (On Save)

After Input Pane and List View of a worksheet are created, formulas that help input of data are added, it’s time to work on the validation of input and processing of data according to your business requirements.

Validate Input Data Before Saving

Validation makes sure user enter data that are acceptable by the application. The checking is done when the  Save   or  Delete   button is pressed. It’s easy to create validations by adding formulas.
 Validate On
It defines when to do the checking.
Validate On Description
Save The validation is done before saving the record entry.
Delete The validation is done before deleting the record entry.
It defines the order of running each checking. It’s value can be any integer number likes 1, 2, … or 10, 20, …
 Required Condition
It is a formula with the Select clause defining the expected condition that returns a True or False value.
For example : Select ‘InvoiceDetail.Qty’ >= 50 from tblDummy means the item quantity in an invoice must be greater than or equal to 50.
 Error Message
It defines the message to notify user when the validation does not pass.
 Error Type
There are two kinds of handling when validation fails to pass.
Error Type Description
Error Error means the entered data is not acceptable. It is therefore cannot proceed with the saving or deleting of record entry.
Warning Warning is just a notification to user about the current condition. It lets user decides to proceed or cancel the saving/deleting of record entry.

Processing Data After Saving

It performs data processing after the current record entry is saved. It is a handy feature to manipulate data of the current worksheet and the other worksheets as well.
It defines the order to run the formulas.
 Counter Formula
It is a Select query that retrieves some values, and the retrieved values are then replaced into the Update Formula for execution.
 Update Formula
It can be an Insert, Update or Delete statement that inserts, updates or delete a record.