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Download BAU DB Free Edition

Version : 2017.11.16 Released : 2017/11/16

For Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10)

Read BAU DB End User License Agreement

BAU DB Free is the free edition of BAU DB for single user. It’s free (no charge at all). You can use it for standalone single user applications, or developing applications for other people to use.
For sharing and collaborating databases with your team and other people, you can buy BAU DB Pro, which is the paid edition of BAU DB for multiple users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy BAU DB Pro edition?
Stay tuned. It will be launched soon.
What is the price of BAU DB Pro edition?
The price of BAU DB Pro is US$79 per license with lifetime upgrades.
Do I need Microsoft Access to run BAU DB?
No. BAU DB can run independently without installation of Microsoft Access. However, if you have Access installed, you can use it to open and work on BAU DB work files.
Do I need Microsoft Excel to run BAU DB?
No and Yes. BAU DB can run independently without installation of Microsoft Excel to perform most of the database and automation features. Excel is needed only when you perform functions such as data export and automated document/report printing.
My computer has no Excel installed, can I use the features of spreadsheet reporting and automated documents?
If you have no Excel, you can use WPS Office Personal Edition which is free (or buy its Premium Edition) and a very nice program that is 100% compatible with Excel. You can download the whole suite of WPS Office Free Edition here.
My documents are in LibreOffice/OpenOffice. Can I use them with BAU DB?
Yes. Although BAU DB has no direct connection to LibreOffice/OpenOffice components, you can save your documents in LibreOffice/OpenOffice as Excel spreadsheet format, and then download and install WPS Office as stated above. The rest follows the same as using Excel spreadsheet.
Can I import existing data into BAU DB?
Yes. You can import your data, especially spreadsheet data, into the database of BAU DB easily using either MS Access or MDB Viewer Plus (a free tool) in a few clicks. You can reference the documentation here.
Why is version number the same as release date?
The working model with Internet allows quick response to user’s feedback and releases new and updated versions more often. The traditional versioning method counting from 1,2,3,… with every big release becomes less meaningful. And most importantly, BAU DB has been developed for a period of time and has become a mature and feature rich program already.
Can I change the location of the installation files?
Since we would like to keep the installation program as simple as possible, there is no option to choose the destination location of the installation files. If you really want to choose another location for the installed files, download the installation program here (5.6MB). It also includes the full list of required system files, in case your Windows missed some of them.
Are there any example database files?
A sample application is ready to share with you. You can download the file here. You can use it for free to manage your work, or as a way to learn building application.
Do you provide consulting service?
Basically, the first priority of BAU DB is to let you, or your consultant, create database solution easily and rapidly. That said, you are welcome if you want us to create custom database application for you. In this case, kindly send an email to for further discussion.