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Create An Application in A Click – Part 1

Using BAU DB for database solutions is very much like using a spreadsheet program. One aspect is that there is no need to build anything and you can go to data input immediately in an everything ready worksheet.
This tutorial lets you understand how to enter record entries and save them in the worksheet instantly without the need to build anything.

Create Your First Database Application, In a Single Click

It’s truly simple to create your first application. In Main Menu, click the “+” button in the top left corner, and a screen will pop out to let you choose the file name and location of the workbook:
create your new application in a single click
enter the filename and select a location to save the workbook file.
Click “Save” when you have entered the file name and selected the file location. Now, your first application is created.
new workbook created
Each new workbook is followed with 3 default worksheets. In this example, let’s create another new worksheet. Mouse over any cell of the grid in Main Menu and click into the big “+” to create a new worksheet in the clicked location:
create a new worksheet by selecting the location in Main Menu
New worksheet is created in the selected location:
created a new worksheet by selecting the location in Main Menu
Just a single click to create a workbook, and then another click to create a worksheet. Then, start entering data.
Title of Database
You can also add your own title of the workbook in Main Menu. This is done by double click on the default database title, “bau db”, in Main Menu to edit it:
double click to change the database title
After changed the title, just click on any where to leave it.
double click to change the database title

These are some of the navigation on Main Menu:
  • Click “+” on the top of left panel to create a new workbook
  • Click “O” on the top, beside the “+”, to open an existing workbook
  • Click any “sheet” on the grid to go to the worksheet and start your work
  • Click the big “+” on the grid in the desired location to create a new worksheet
create a new workbook and a new worksheet
  • Click small “x” on top right of Main Menu to close the current workbook.
  • Click big “X” on bottom of left panel to exit BAU DB.
close db file

Enter the First Record Entry

Click into a worksheet from the Main Menu. In the screen of worksheet, the bottom right part is the Entry Form which is for input data of a record entry. After you have entered data, you can press “Save” to save the record entry.
enter data in bottom right entry form
When the record is saved, it is listed in List View automatically.
record saved and displayed in list view automatically
When you entered some more entries, all saved entries are displayed in List View. You can click on any row in List View to load the record into Entry Form for reading or editing.
click list view to load a record into entry form.

Options of Saving Record

There are a number of choices when you want to save a record entry:
save an record entry
Save a record entry.
Save As
Sometimes you might like to call out an existing entry, change something on it and save as a new record entry. There are 2 ways to do so. You could just replace the Key Cell (DocNo) with a new entry number (in the example, a new Invoice No.), and press “Save” button; or you could press “Save As” button and a screen will pop out and ask you to fill in the new entry number.
Method 1 – Enter a new entry number and press “Save”:
save a new record entry
Method 2 – Press “Save As” and enter a new entry number in the pop-out screen:
save a new record entry
Save .. Clear
Save a record and clear the screen for input of the next record. It is useful when you have a number of records to be entered.
Clear the screen of Entry Form for input of a new entry.
Delete a record entry.