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Using a Visitor plugin

It’s really amazing to use WordPress for developing this website. There are just too many amazing plugins that you will always find it useful. This is the visitor logging plugin that I installed recently. The top curiosity for me is to know where the visitor is coming from, and it serves the purpose well. The

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Release Updates – 2015/1/26

Updated a fix for today’s release. After saving an entry, the page scroll bar cannot scroll due to screen focus shifted as it is scrolled. It is now fixed. Any issues or bugs discovered? You can send email to me at for the moment. There is a design change. The color of the top

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Soft Launch of BAU DB

Hi there. My name is Eric. It’s really nice to meet you here. BAU DB has been using by myself and created a lot of successful applications already. It’s time to share with you the ease and simplicity of BAU DB to create work automations conveniently. It is of greater value to let you to

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