reinnovate database

Release Updates – Word Automation, Windows 10 Installation, Accumulative Summation Across Records

Hello friends, This release comes with the interesting and exciting features that you will love. Let’s go! Automated Document Using MS Word Thanks for Pierre’s suggestion, apart from printing the content of a record entry onto a pre-formatted Excel spreadsheet, you can now choose to use Microsoft Word to create automated document template. This added

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Release Updates – 2015/8/10

This release is a bunch of small enhancements. These include added warning messages when formula used are not correct, some user interface improvements and some enhancements about formula settings. Message for Update Data Warning message is added when formula used to patch data is not correct. To accessing this function, press “Amend Data” button in

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Using a Visitor plugin

It’s really amazing to use WordPress for developing this website. There are just too many amazing plugins that you will always find it useful. This is the visitor logging plugin that I installed recently. The top curiosity for me is to know where the visitor is coming from, and it serves the purpose well. The

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