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The Goal

BAU DB’s goal is to help organize and streamline operations of companies. This is done by simplifying the processes and efforts needed to create database solutions and getting away from never ending development projects. In this way, any users – business users or developers, can create automated database applications anytime, easily and quickly to assist everyday’s works.

BAU DB is developed in the green countryside.

eric au

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address : Lot 864B3 Ping Long Village, Lam Tsuen, N.T., Hong Kong

People Behind

My name is Eric Au. BAU DB is developed and maintained eric auactively by me. I have 10+ years of experience developing database applications, or ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems, for different lines of business. My passion is to keep company operations in order 🙂 It’s my satisfaction when I rolled out and implemented an application system to a company and saw users working smoothly.
Each company has its own unique way of running business and therefore customized solution is necessary. BAU DB is the consolidation of all the previous programming work by combining repetitive codes and leaving the changing parts – business data and logic, open for rapid configurations.
I have been using BAU DB successfully to create business applications for a lot of customers, both within short schedule and low budget, and certainly with high quality of customization as well.
It’s really nice to create the website here, not only to deliver the software and supporting services to you, but also to hear your voices and wishes so that BAU DB can become better and better incrementally.

An Idea

BAU DB is originally used to speed up my development projects. It is a better idea to take the step further to make BAU DB become a productivity tool and let you create your own database solutions. BAU DB has been evolved for a period of time and is now a handy, convenient and feature-rich tool such that you can customize your works into BAU DB worksheets without difficulty.
The advantage of building your own database applications is that you know your requirements the best, and you can instantly create automation to solve your problem whenever you need it. BAU DB is simple enough so that you need not to be a technical-savvy people to use it. No coding is needed, only formula.

Thought of Design

To make BAU DB easy to use, it is designed with a spreadsheet-like user experience. User can click a button to create a blank new worksheet and start working on data instantly. Formula can be added anytime to create automations, to save much of your manual works and increase your work efficiency.
To bring user experience to the next level, BAU DB is locking arm with Microsoft Excel so that you can easily create document templates using all the familiar formatting features of Excel to generate document and report printouts automatically.
BAU DB is simple as that, and you can yet take full control of the database flexibility to tweak with the details, the required data work flows and logics, through the use of formula.
The position of BAU DB is that it is more powerful than a spreadsheet and much easier to use than a database. That said, the idea of BAU DB is not to let you choose between a spreadsheet or a database program, but rather work with both of them together to enjoy the advantages of both tools at the same time.

Who are the users?

BAU DB can be used by all kinds of businesses. No matter you are a single user or working with other team members, you can use BAU DB to automate and share your works immediately.
If you are a business user creating database applications for your own works, you will find BAU DB a simple and interactive tool that you can start works instantly and create automation without hurdle. You can always update your database solutions to match with your ever changing work requirements.
If you are a technical people creating solutions for other users or customers, you will find that BAU DB let you always be able to deliver applications very quickly, and shorter iterations ensure better communication of requirements with users. Most importantly, the delivered applications are always bug-free, which save you a lot of supporting hours.


People love BAU DB because it is direct, simple, consistent and easy to use, and yet it can take care to the finest bit of detail twisting with work flows and business logics of data.
BAU DB is a new class of office applications, which bridged a spreadsheet and a database together to provides the benefits of both. It works interactively with Excel to uplift your user experience. If you are an Access user, you would also like to work side-by-side with BAU DB worksheet to enjoy the benefits of both tools.
BAU DB is a very rapid application development tool. It enables business people to build applications very easily. So in the end what is BAU DB? It is a ready-to-use database worksheet – a hybrid of database and spreadsheet program, which empowers you to create real database solutions to manage daily works without hurdle.