Instant Database Applications

Real Database Applications As Simple As a Spreadsheet

Click-n-go database worksheets
Manipulate data with formulas
Document/report in preformatted spreadsheet

Lets Users Create Powerful Database Applications and Integrate with Excel Spreadsheet, Instantly and Easily

BAU DB is an office database tool that lets you works with data more easily and rapidly. It works like a spreadsheet per se, and also links up with Excel spreadsheet to provide ease and fun, yet with database power and shareability at the same time. If you are using spreadsheet – MS Excel, OpenOffice/LibreOffice Calc, WPS Office Spreadsheets, you are able to learn and enjoy the features of BAU DB immediately.
bau db lets end users build instant database worksheets and applications to manage daily works

BAU DB helps you manage business-as-usual works with ease.

Develop 20x Faster, Easier and More Funs

The way of working of BAU DB is very much like a spreadsheet – create an everything-ready and ready-to-use worksheet in a click, add formulas in the cells to manipulate data and flows, and format document layouts on Excel spreadsheets.
The innovation of BAU DB is getting all the technical works done and lets you fill in your business calculations and flows only, so that you can create flexible and powerful database solutions at anytime, and in an extremely fast and easy way – with development time of months and days becomes hours and minutes.

Create A Real Database Application In A Single Click

Like a spreadsheet, just a single click to create a ready-to-go worksheet which has all the basic features in place – including a searchable list view and a data entry form with single and multiple value cells as well, so that you can start work right away without building anything.
one click to create an instant database worksheet

A single click to create a new workbook, and another click to create a new worksheet.

Formatted Excel Spreadsheet Template, Have Fun!

Each worksheet of BAU DB is Excel-enabled. Create document and report formats in the familiar Excel spreadsheet as you have always been doing, only that you can now transfer data from a worksheet of BAU DB into the pre-formatted Excel spreadsheet in a single click. Documents in OpenOffice/LibreOffice Calc and WPS Office Spreadsheets can also be used.
rapid application development : invoice data are exported to a pre-formatted excel template

In this example, invoice data are “printed” onto a pre-formatted Excel spreadsheet template.

Manipulate Data with Formulas Like a Spreadsheet

Similar to Excel spreadsheet, BAU DB manipulates data with flexible and powerful formulas. You can always automate and update your applications easily and rapidly to match with your ever changing work requirements, while leaving all the technical details for the program to be handled behind the scene.

with a single formula, create an item list for selection

Selection List

With a single formula, create an item list, with data from another worksheet, for entry selection.

just like using Excel spreadsheet, use a single formula for automatic calculation or pull in data from another database worksheet

Auto Lookup & Calculation

With a formula, when “Article No.” is entered, “Description” and “Unit” are pulled in from another worksheet.

It is very easy and simple with just a single formula to validate entry data before saving the database record

Entry Validation

Input data are checked against a preset formula, and warning message displayed.

Automate Flows of Data Between Worksheets with Formulas

Worksheets of BAU DB can be inter-connected easily by using formulas so that data can be retrieved from a worksheet to another without manual effort. In this way, data can be entered once and reused everywhere.
bau db streamline business-as-usual (daily) work easily.

A use case : data is filled in from the “Customer” worksheet to the “Order” worksheet, which is then turned into the data in the “Invoice” worksheet.

Ready to Share and Collaborate

BAU DB is composed of entry-based (or record-based) database worksheets, which means that you can share the same worksheet and work concurrently with your colleagues at any time.
it is more than a spreadsheet, ready to share with people in a number of different ways

From Managing Lists of Data to Workgroup Solutions and ERP System

No matter what your business field is, you can use BAU DB to organize lists of data instantly, or create automated work group solutions for your team, and even build a full fledged business application (erp – enterprise resource planning) that runs through the whole business operation.
bau db is easy like a spreadsheet, plus it can be used to create solutions from simple database worksheets to large scale database management applications

Uplift Excel Spreadsheet Experience with Database Power

You are already familiar with running your business using Excel. BAU DB uplifts your user experience by bridging Excel spreadsheet and a database together, and lets you enjoy the best of both worlds – the power of a database and the ease of a spreadsheet, at the same time.
bau db bridges MS Access and Excel, enjoy the power of database and the ease of spreadsheet at the same time

Build Applications by User

BAU DB is an office productivity tool that is powerful and yet simple enough for you to manage works with a real database right away, without the need of complex technical skills. As an end user, you know the details of your works the best and can always update your self-made applications in time to keep up with the ever changing business requirements.

BAU DB has streamlined a lot of people's works in various businesses.

Manage your work with BAU DB, an instant database that links with a spreadsheet, to enhance office productivity with the added database power.